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Eaglecross Training Academy
  Eaglecross Kennels has added an additional service for our clients! Our growing need from our clients for puppy obedience trained before the delivery of their new puppy, has prompted us to add this service!  We are very excited to provide our clients with complete service in getting their puppy off to a great start! Check out our training Programs.....
        Puppy Obedience
Program Training Examples
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Dark goldendoodle puppy
Training Programs
General Obediance ( Basic Training)  $450.00 Per Week
     Here at Eagle Cross Kennels we strive to teach your puppy good manners and to not have accidents in your home. With only two weeks of training your puppy will have a great start on potty and crate training. Additionally, your puppy will be introduced to basic commands, such as sit, come, down and stay. He/she will also be discouraged from jumping. Your puppy will reside with the trainer, who’s home will contain other pets, enabling your puppy to adjust to a home setting, shared with other cats and dogs. Finally, your puppy will begin to adjust to being leashed and traveling in a car. We hope you will consider giving your puppy a head start with Eagle Cross Kennels excellent training program.