Hi Greg,
Tyso and I wanted to thank you for a fantastic dog. Rex is great. He was born on 9/11 and we picked him up at the end of October. My mother-in-law loves her doodle too. Here are some pics, just in case you want to put them up on your website.
Thanks again!!!!
Reni Hilovsky
Hi Greg and Family,

We adopted one of your puppies in August and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!  I will have to send you a recent picture, but she is beautiful, and is still almost not shedding.  Just a little when we brush her.

I am writing because a neighbor loves our dog, but doesn't have the time to train a puppy.  She told me if I ever knew of a goldendoodle that needed to be rescued, to let her know.  I thought I'd pass that along to you, in case any of your babies come back because an owner's situation has changed. 

Thanks again for giving us a wonderful addition to our family.  We cherish her.

Susan, Chris and family 
email me
The kids really enjoy their new pet, and I think the name Lucky may stick.  We'll see.   I will forward pictures as soon as I download them to our home computer.
Thanks again for everything.  I really enjoyed our conversations and especially our newest family member.
Happy New Year!
Dave Immel 


Its good to hear from you.  All is well with Lucky and he is growing into a fine young pup.  He graduates from puppy training tonight and is a very loving and smart dog.  I think he's approaching 40 lbs now. I thought you might like to see a picture of Lucky taken a few weeks
after Christmas.

Dave Immel
I thought you might like to see how he is doing, he is now 7 months old. 

Drema Pesa.
We know where to get many breeds and we usually have nice dogs for sale.  
I work with Eagle Cross Kennels out of Ohio.  I am raising a Shihpoo and a Goldendoodle from Greg Fidoe (that is his real name) and I am thrilled with the quality.  Visit http://www.eaglecrosskennel.net/ for more information.

I can also refer good breeders of the following breeds:  Labrador, Border Collie, Tosa Inu Mastiff, Papillion, German Shepherd, Flat Coat Retriever, Boxers, Large Munsterlanders, Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, Havanese, Newfoundlanders, and Labradoodles. 

We also work with a drug dog training company who occasionally has drug dog drop outs for sale.  These are nice dogs that would make better pets than working dogs.  

For advanced therapy dog work, my new favorite breed is a Goldendoodle because shedding is minimal and they make training so easy and fun

Grover was born in August 22, 2008.  He is currently for sale to the right facility or home.  His training is geared for service or therapy work and as you can see from the video above, he is already a mannerly, good-natured dog.  Call 815-590-8008 for pricing or to order a dog like Grover today.  

 Friend of ours got a puppy from you last year. They highly recommended you. We are considering a goldendoodle. Have a Wheaten Terrier who is almost 14. Will not bring another dog into the family until she has gone to doggie heaven. As of today she is healthy--just old so this may not be in the near future. Just thought I would check you out. The puppy picture are so very cute. Makes me want one now!!! From:Sylvania 
Announcing the arrival of baby Benedict.  He is super full of energy and fitting right in to our chaotic home.  

Love, The Gashes
Hi Greg. It was 1 month ago we brought our fuzzy bundle of joy home, and I thought you'd like a progess report. It's obvious he was meant to be here. The other dogs love him (after their initial shock!)and we're head over heels about him. A recent trip to vet for shots had us feeling like celebrities. People took pictures on him on their cell phones! We gave out your name to several people and will continue to do so!

I've attached a few pictures and will do so again in a few months. Hope all is well.

Cheryl Nash, Madison OH
          WAY TO GO WKBN & FOX NEWS!!!!!
Goldendoodles for sale
I thought I would give you an update on Lincoln.  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  He has the greatest personality and from day one has been so smart and took right to his new home.  He is now 5 months old and growing so quick.  He is now 40 lbs and getting so tall.  I wanted to send you a picture of him.  He is enjoying being the latest Purdue Boilermaker in the family.  The picture in the Purdue jersey was about a month ago.  And the other one is just about a week or 2 ago.

Aaron Scholl


.We bought our puppy, Bella, from you in February of this year.  She has been a joy.  Our older dog, Kit, and kitten, Tucker, liked her from the beginning, as you can see. She has such a happy go lucky personality, loving everything and everybody.  As cars pass us on our walks, the passengers take one look at Bella before their smiles shine through the windows at her, and they begin to giggle.  Thank you for selling us the most popular dog in our neighborhood.
The Caplans and Bella
To: eaglecross2001@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: TY
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010 13:41:25 -0400

 Hi Greg:

 Just wanted to update you on Charlie, our goldendoodle that we received from Eagle Cross Kennels back in October of last year. 
 Charlie is an absolutely amazing dog. He's smart, playful, and just loves to be around people. He has a great life with us and he has become such a big part of our family. We wouldn't know what we would do without him. We're so glad we found Charlie! He's the best!
 Attached are some pictures. He loves to go on our boat and swim. He turned 1 yr. in July. He's such a handsome boy.
 Hope things are going well for you. 

Jill Alexandrunas

Hi Greg, 

Adam and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a joy it has been to have Max in our lives. He was seven months old two days ago and approaching 45 lbs (most of that is because we spoil him rotten). Even the nurses from the doctor's office next door bought boxes of treats to feed him throughout the day :) Max enjoys visiting his grandparents, chewing his rawhides, and of course, spending time at work with daddy in the funeral home. He looks forward to his evening walk around downtown Franklin. It's funny to see people pointing at him with huge smiles on their faces as they drive by. He is definitely the most popular puppy in town! We do not regret getting an older dog (he was 12 weeks when we got him). Max has not once pooped in our house! yay! He was potty trained in about a week, which we think is because he's without a doubt the smartest dog in the entire world. We are very proud parents and we want to thank you, your family, and staff for raising such a wonderful puppy for us. You've made our family complete! 

      Adam, Ashley & Max Guthrie

Hi my name is bob. My wife and I cam from New Jersey to pick up one of your puppies about two months ago

Her name is Hayley. Just thought you wanted to see a photo. She's a great dog. She's 4 months old now and growing. STILL lol.

Take care,
Bob DeDolce

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to share more updated photos of Grace Rose. She is 10 months old and doing very well! she is soooo very happy. Because she goes everywhere with me, people are always commenting on how beautiful she is and ask questions about her breed, demeanor, ect. I always give them your website to further inquire.  
 She went camping with me on July 4th and no one could believe that is was her first camping trip at such a young age and how well behaved she was. She stayed in the camp and did not wander out of the perimeter without me.
 She went camping with me again this past weekend as well.  

Take care and I will continue with updates and hopefully I am sending you some buyers !
                                           Jean and Grace


Hi greg,

Thought you would like to see what brady looks like as he approaches his 6 mo bday!  we love him!  hope you are well!


Hi Greg, 

Thank you for giving us Pumba and changing our lives. We love him and I am finally getting around to thaking you and also Sue Jacobs for the fabulous jobs you did.

Kathy, Doug, Bobby and Will Whitaker
Hi Greg,
   Thought you might like to see a picture of our new MacKenzie. We tried to put his food dish on the floor but he had to eat next to our big dog. 

Thanks for putting us together. He is a wonderful puppy. 

Ray and Cathy Wright
Hello Greg,

This is Al and Cathy Patel, I wanted to give you and update on our beautiful Goldendoodle that we choose. We were absolutely in love with the dog from the moment we saw him at the airport. He has brought us so much joy. His name is Brock. Brock is as intelligent as you had mentioned, we happened to be watching on the discovery channel Dogs 101 and they were talking about the designer dog series. This dog's intellect is amazing; he is very playful and with a unique personality. He is nearly house broken within 6 days, Brock loves structure and routines. He understands command words and is very eager to please. Not seeing the dog in person and trusting you to show us the dog in a video was much appreciated effort. His cuteness is second to none. Brock has taken to my son who is seven years old. The joy it brings him is priceless. The Patel family wants to thank you and your family for breeding such wonderful dogs. The 17 plus years of experience really shows your dedication to the art of breeding these designer dogs. I really appreciated your efforts of talking to you and learning about the breed before we decided to buy the dog. The delivery of the dog in his crate all cleaned up and your documentation of the paper work really shows your dedication to detail. Once again, thank you sincerely! We will send pictures in a separate email.

Hi Greg, 
   We have now had our Golden doodle "Bella"  for 2 years and we want to tell you that we absolutely love her to pieces.  She is the best dog that my husband and I have ever had.  We fondly call her our gentle giant, she is so gentle and loving.  When we brought her to our home two years ago we already had a 12 year old golden retriever Bailey, she helped Bailey become puppyish for the remainder of his life.  She and Bailey would play together and they became best buddies.  She was very gentle with him also, like she knew that he was old.  As  Baileys health was declining with cancer last April she was so wonderful to him and when he stopped eating she would put food in her mouth and drop it in front of him.  The morning when Bailey passed away May 26th,  it was as though Bella knew, she walked up to him sniffed his nose and licked him on the face then laid down next to him.  She is a very special dog.

 We love her and are so thankful for your kennel!

The Null Family 
Grace is a year old already!! She is doing very well. She is so happy!  She loves to play in the snow and with neighbors chocolate lab.  
Greg, first of all I want thank you for our wonderful puppy, Murphy! He is so cute and a ton of fun! He got neutered last week and the vet put his picture on their website. I have had four people contact me wondering where we got Murphy. I have passed your name and phone number along to these families. Hope all is well!
                    Thanks again for Murphy!
Hi Greg, 
    It's been awhile (A year and a half) since we bought our baby girl Stella from you!! And, let me tell you she is the most amazing girl with the BEST personality ever!!! We can't imagine life without her!! 
    I'm sure again you don't remember this, but we talked for a great deal of time about service dogs and your commitment to this. I currently have a student in my class with severe autism and a many other diagnosis which include a seizure disorder...his family is interested in getting him a canine companion/seizure dog...and they would LOVE a doodle!! I figured you would be as good as anyone to contact especially because we have seen how amazing our dog is now! Please let me know if you would be able to provide us with information about a program a puppy of yours could be sent to or anything of that sort. They would love to do this outside of z canine companion program that breads the dogs as those are typically very expensive ( they found one for about 15,000 dollars and donation based). They are prepared to pay the amounts you ask for a dog plus the training fees but not to try and raise 15,000 dollars!
    Sorry for my book, but again I cannot say enough about your kennel and the amazing dog we have so I figured I would contact you first! 

Thanks so much,
Kirby Reeves

 Though you would like to see this.  Maxwell (golden doodle) is on the cover of your website.  He was a puppy that had the brown and tan wall behind him.  

They are both great dogs and get along so well together.  They love people.  When we walk them or take them somewhere people stop us and ask about Max.  We have had him 5 years now and that still amazes us.  Thanks for breading great dogs.
Drema Pesa
I hope all is well with you and your family and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
 I was hoping you could tell me how much Gus's parents weigh, they are Becca and Recco. Gus is growing at a rapid pace and I just want to prepare myself for how big my baby boy is going to be! (We may have to trade in our smaller car for an SUV. Yes, he is growing THAT fast. haha)

Aside from that, I wanted to tell you that he is such a blessing and I am SO happy with my choice. His personality is perfect and he learned 5 new tricks the first 5 days I had him home. He was potty trained after a month and a half here and slept through the night after 3 weeks. He's about 4 months old now and weighs around 30 lbs. Holy moose dog.  He went from 10lbs to 16lbs the first 2 weeks, he's a the puppy Hulk! I'm attaching some pictures so you can see what a handsome boy he is.

We are SO blessed to have him and he is the hit of our apartment complex. What a ham!

Did I mention he's perfect?! ;)

Thanks Greg!
Jennifer and Jon Perzley



Just wanted you to know that my girls named the puppy "Charlie" and he
is doing great!  His temperament is exactly what you described;
playful yet laid back.  He's a very sweet dog.  Aside from our
concerns he is going to grow to be the largest Goldendoodle on record
- LOL - we are thrilled with him!  Just hopeful he falls into that
55-60 pound range!
Thanks again for helping us through the process!  Charlie is a beautiful dog!
We'll keep in touch!
This is Lucca… She will be one year in January! We are so excited to have her! She is so sweet and calm! 


Hi Greg,
 This is Mia and Murphy Bartkus.  We adopted them in early spring 2011.  They have the same father Ricco but have different mother's.  Murphy was born 9/12/10 and Mia was born 12/9/10 making them both one year old now.  They are both wonderful dogs however because they look so much alike it is hard to tell who is who especially when they need corrected.  They especially love our other two golden retrievers.  Have a happy holiday.  

 The Bartkus Family

 We adopted Lexi into our family August 28th, 2011 and I must say, she has brought so much joy and laughter to our family. She is extremely good with my 2 year old girls and loves to run around and play with my 7 year old son. She has been the perfect companion to all of us and found her spot in our family very quickly! She has been so easy to train and she listens to commands very well. I thank you for such an AWESOME dog!!! We all LOVE her so much! I can see another Goldendoodle in our future :)  Happy Holidays!!! Thank you again for Lexi!!!
The Aughinbaugh's


  I bought two dogs from you in June. We named them Lola and Gracie. They are great dogs and have become very much a part of our family. Attached is a picture we took today in case you would like to see how they have grown. 

Best regards,

Edward Rhyne

Call us at 330-519-7757 for daily  availability
 I hope you and the EagleCross Team had a Merry Christmas.  We sure did!!!  I would like to thank you and your very experienced team in providing our family with a beautiful 9 week old male Golden Doodle.
 When we picked him up at the airport, this was truly an exciting moment for our family.  Our puppy's name is Hudson and he is such a delight!  He is doing a great job when it is time to go outstide and take care of business:).
 We took Hudson to the Vet today and he was given "2" thumbs up for being a very healthy puppy.  Thank you again for everything.  We would like to wish you and your team a Happy New Year!!!
  Thank You.
 Jeffrey A. Knight
 Greg, it has been just over one year since we got our goldendoodle, Reilly, from you.  He was just what we spoke about...intelligent and active...and a real personality.

 When we were looking for Reilly, we were interested in training him to become a certified therapy dog at the local hospital.  We already have 6-year old yellow lab who has been in the program for 2-1/2 years. 
 I have been working with Reilly since he was 4 months old on his obedience skills.  He is doing great...he graduated "with honors" from his advanced classes last week.  I plan to have him certified in February. 
 As part of his socialization training, I take Reilly to lots of new, busy places including the train station, the riverwalk, and local retail outlets that are dog-friendly. Everywhere we go, people stop us to ask about him, what kind of dog he is, and yes...can they pet him. Everyone comments on how balanced he is at 14 months old.  Based upon our experiences in these chaotic environments, he is going to be a great addition to the therapy dog program. 
 We really appreciate your help is selecting the right dog for us.  He is everything we hoped for and much more.  I've had many dogs over the years, but Reilly is truly a special boy!

Thanks much for all of your patience and help!
Best wishes to you and your family. 
Jim Jensen

 Sending pictures of our Murphy we got from you on December 3rd. She has adjusted wonderfully. We just love her! She is almost 14 weeks. 
 Happy New Year, 
    The Pekarcik's
   Hi Greg,  I just wanted to send a pic of Lucy (Pic is attached).  We adopted her from you this summer. She is almost 8 mon and she is doing awesome. She is such a sweet girl. We just love her so much. She is over 50 lbs. now and loves to play outside. She also loves to watch the TV and sets in front of the TV until we turn it on for her. She has such a funny personality.  We are so happy she is a part of our family.
  Happy Holiday!
    The Benisek Family

Hi Greg

Here is a recent photo of my “little” boy. I love him!

 Hi Greg,

Just wanted to tell you how well Charlie is doing!!  He's 4 months now, about 28 pounds and has the most wonderful, loving temperament.  He went to a week long training bootcamp and came out a completely obedient dog!  He's smart, playful, and as you can see from the picture, very handsome!  

Charlie is such a wonderful addition to our family!  Thanks again!

All the best,

Dear Greg
Happy New Years! I want to give Eagle Cross Kennels and yourself a big shout-out and thank you! Cricket aka Kit, has in a month, become an integral part of our family. Within a few days of coming home I had her to the vet where she received an excellent report on her quality and laid-back personality. She has had her 1st puppy training session where she was the breakout star of the class nailing the new instructions immediately! We could not be happier with her. She is a wonderful companion to me as I work from home and is the kids #1 fan. Even Dad who wasn't so sure a puppy in winter was the thing to do, has fallen in love with her. She is going to her 2nd vet appointment tonight and I suspect she weighs in at 13 pounds at 12 weeks. Her coat is as beautiful as her personality. I thank you for helping us pick out the right puppy for our family. I could go on and on but I am sure you get lots of emails just like this!

We will be back for a new friend for Kit in a few years. Everyone that remarks on her hears how fantastic you are.

Best Wishes!

Happy New Year!
  Mackenzie convinced me that his sister would be quite lonely once he left for college and so he wanted Boo to have her own puppy to love.  He is so charming that he talked me into it.   Alyssa was totally surprised and cried when she held him for the first time.  She has named him Bailey.  He already knows how to sit, shake hands, and scratch at the door to go out.  He also eats everything he can get his little mouth on and recently pooped out an entire diet coke label. 
 We LOVE him.  He spends a little bit of time in his crate but mostly, he just loves to be in our laps or running around in his backyard.
 If you ever decide you need a baby of your own, I highly recommend the doodle.  


Thanks so much for helping us to choose a puppy for our family, Bentley is adjusting very well and so is the cat Artie and everyone who has met Bentley say how adorable he is.  I was impressed with your kennel, the cleanliness and also the way your staff interacted with your animals. I felt like I was well informed in making my choice and liked that you had an area where we could sit down and get to know our puppy before we took him home.  I am anxious to start training with Madeline and completing the necessary classes so that he can work as a Therapy dog. I would highly recommend Eagle Cross Kennel to anyone wishing to purchase a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle.  I am including some pictures and you can choose what to post.  We will definitely keep you updated on Bentley's progress.  

Thank you again,

The Kirkpatrick Family.
     Just in case you wanted to see my baby! 
Our puppy is wonderful! Her name is Bella.( I was out voted on the other name.)My husband brought her to school and here are a couple of pictures of the kids and Bella.
 Ps. My students are deaf, autistic and one burn victim. They love her
Hi Greg, 

 Wanted to send you a photo of Otto at nearly 5 months. He's doing very well and there's not a day that goes by people don't ask us where we got him from. Only surprise is that is he is still growing, 47 lbs and counting, think he's going to be a bit larger than we expected. 
Hi Greg! 
First of all I just want to let you know that Charlie is the BEST dog I have ever had!  She is the cutest, smartest dog in the entire world!  Charlie is literally my best friend!  I have attached a couple pictures of her so you can see what she looks like now!  
 I am emailing you to ask a few questions on Becca and Recco's puppies.  Charlie will be one in May and I am thinking that she might need a little sister.  When was this litter born?  Will they shed?  How big will they get?
Please email me back and let me know!
 Thanks again!
     Maddie Stockwell
Hi Greg - It's Kate Tracy. 
 I purchased this beautiful goldendoodle from you
2 years ago.  His parents are Joseph and Delilah.  Although you said he
would be a "minidoodle - 35-40" pounds, we got the recessive "mega gene" and
he grew to be 75 pounds.  He is the most loving, gentle and playful dog.  He
is fabulous with all dogs and people.  We couldn't have asked for a better
addition to the family. 
We are still living on Long Island in Manhasset, NY.  He loves to swim in
the ocean and the many sounds on the North Shore of the island.  
My best to you, your family and all the doodles at Eagle Cross Kennels.
Kate Tracy  


Just wanted to give you a quick update on our Labradoodle, Mac. He was 7 months on the 14th.
He is wonderful addition to our family and has become our Golden Doodles best buddy.
He is so friendly and lovable. Attached are some recent photos. By the way, he loved to get a bath. We can't keep him out of the boy's bathtub!!

Have a Happy Easter!!
We love her!

Grace Demaree.

This is Lincoln. He is getting huge ! Do u remember his bday ? We forgot it . He is so smart and silly!!!! Belly rubs are his favorite . He is a very obedient boy

Angelina Austin