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Eaglecross Labradoodles
Key Benefits:

*A loving, child friendly addition to your family.
*Low or no shedding, and    hypo-allergenic.
*Hybrid vigor.
*Better Health based upon generation development

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Breeders of  Labradoodles
Labradoodle Temperament

Labradoodles are sociable, friendly, non aggressive, and extremely intuitive. Their intelligence and high trainability make them well suited for guide dogs, therapy dogs, and other assistance dogs. Their non allergic coats make them popular among people who have not been able to enjoy pets because of their allergies

Labradoodle Coat

Labradoodles are bred to have either the truly Fleece coat or the Wool Curly coat. Both coat types are non-shedding and allergy friendly. The Fleece coat has a distinctly soft fleecy feel unlike any other dog coat. It hangs in loose loopy spirals like that of the Angora goat. The Wool Curly coat resembles that of a poodle and feels like a soft woolly sweater

Labradoodle Sizes;

Three sizes of Labradoodles are currently distinguished.

The Standards are 23 – 26 inches tall.

The Mediums are 18 – 21 inches tall.

The Miniatures are 14 – 17 inches tall.

Labradoodle Weight;

The Standards: Females – 45-60 pounds; Males – 55-77 pounds.
The Mediums: 40-55 pounds, Males being the larger.
The Miniatures: 26-55 pounds, Males being the larger.

Our Mission;

At Eagle Cross Kennel, we strive to provide healthy Labradoodle puppies for sale with good temperament to individuals or families desiring a pet.  Eagle Cross Kennel also provides stud services.   We service customers throughout the United States, Canada and South America.  As Labradoodle breeders of, F1,F1B,& F2 ,we  strive to give your family the best Labradoodle possiable.
Life Expectancy;

As with most breeds of dogs, Labradoodles will usually live for about 13 – 15 years, with exceptions in both directions

Email Us;  eaglecross2012@gmail.com
Email Us;  eaglecross2012@gmail.com