Eaglecross Kennels
          Professional Breeders of Goldendoodles & Labradoodles

 Eaglecross Kennel has been committed to producing excellent Goldendoodle and Labradoodles for sale for 20+ years and has a new home to improve on our long standing history of professional breeders.Our new kennel is our commitment to improving the safe and stress free environment for our dog and puppies. Our new facility is approved and licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture for the proper breeding and care of our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppies for sale at our facility.  
 At Eaglecross Kennel we believe that "Your puppy will pick you, you don't pick your puppy"! We have created a comfortable puppy play area that you can sit and enjoy the process of bonding with your new family member. This area is comfortable for all our clients to take time in personalizing themselves with the puppy they choose. 
 Our new kennel has a Medical Laboratory that is complete with all we need if any issues arise in our puppies. This clean environment gives us the ability to run tests on blood and facial sample to pin-point any issues and act quickly  in treatment. Later this year we will be connected to Ohio State University by way of internet to send pictures directly from our testing equipment for confirmation of our diagnosis of any issues. 
 Our new grooming and work area is not only a clean environment, but very functional with  complete grooming needs.  (Weather permitting) your puppy will leave our kennel clean and well groomed. It is very important to us to insure our clients are getting a healthy coat with our puppies when they leave. Our work area also has a paper shredder that we daily shred our own bedding for all our puppy pens. This is fresh bedding is done every day and is replaced to ensure the puppies are kept dry, clean, and healthy. 
 Our main breeding and kenneling area is set up with solid panels kenneling to insure our dogs safety. These panels are solid steel construction with welded wire tops to have proper ventilation and safety for all of our adult dogs.   High grade dog doors for each pen enable our dogs to freely go to outside runs, reducing stress and providing a healthy and happy environment 24 hours a day. All of our feeding and watering buckets are high grade stainless steel and are cleaned daily in a dishwasher on high heat cycles to insure bacteria control. Main floor areas are sealed with a high density epoxy coating to prevent any bacteria growth and insure easy and fast clean up. All area walls and ceilings are covered with Palomar plastics that are mold and mildew resistant and are approved by the FDA and the USDA
                      Whelping  Rooms

​ Our Dams are put into individual rooms through the process of birthing and care for each of their litters. These rooms are to insure each litter can be monitored by video cameras. Our rooms have been designed  for a quiet and reduced stress environment  for our mothers and their puppies. The walls are of the same mold and mildew resistant polomar plastics found throughout  the building as well as epoxy floor coatings. Ventilation, heat, and cooling is controlled so Dams are as comfortable and dry as possible. 

Eaglecross Kennels
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