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Telephone: 330-519-7757

Street Address:
9424 Columbiana-Canfield Rd
Canfield, Ohio 44406

To:9424Columbiana-Canfield Rd
Canfield, OH 44406
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Airline Shipping-

All puppy shipments will only be done through presssurized cabins and not done through cargo holds. The average cost is around $300.00 . (includes authorized shipping crate). Puppies will only be shipped through major airlines with " Pet Safe Programs" in place.
  We will delivery the puppy to the airlines in person at the time of shipment. Insurance for the puppy will be provided by Eagle Cross Kennels against accidental injury. Payment must be made in full prior to shipping.
Shipping & Terms and Conditions
Personal Delivery-

Personal deliveries can be done through Eagle Cross Kennels for a personalized touch. If you are concerned about airline shipping we will personally deliver the dog to you or meet you at a designated location. Cost for this service is:
Within 0-50 miles-     $150.00
   51-150 miles- $250.00
  151-250 miles $350.00

Anything over 250 miles will be calculated for cost upon request
All Canadian orders add $100.00US
 Terms and Conditions :

Eaglecross Kennels is glad to work with each client's special needs in getting one of our puppies. We are a professional breeding  service and our terms and conditions are;
  * Deposits that are made on upcoming litters can NOT be applied to sale puppy's. You may choose a sale puppy, but the agreed pricing will stand as agreed on the deposit and invoice form.
  * Puppy's must be picked within 3 days of notification that puppys are of age to be chosen. Deposits are by order of when they are recieved. If order of pick is not chosen with 3 days the buyer lose his/her order of pick and will be moved to the bottom of the deposit order. 
  * All deposits on our puppies are non-refundable, but can be used towards another within 1 year of the initial purchase date.
  *  Invoices that are sent out to our clients are accepted contracts under those terms stated for each item. Payment by the client is in acknowledgment and agreement to purchase their puppy under the invoice.
  * If the purchaser cancels his/her puppy, the purchaser has the right to obtain another puppy in 1 year and apply the price of the invoiced puppy toward their next choice. There will be no money returns after invoice has been received and payment has been sent.
  * Purchaser in receiving the invoice understands and acknowledges that they will forfeit any and all costs associated with shipping their puppy if invoiced puppy has been canceled. A cost breakdown of these charge will be reflected on the invoice that was agreed on.
 * Purchaser also agrees to pay 20% re-advertising fee for the purchased puppy to be deducted from their invoice payment. All other money will be applied to the next puppy picked within the next year from the initial invoice.
 * If for any reason a puppy is returned to Eaglecross Kennels the purchaser gives up all rights of ownership and forfeits all moneys paid at the point of sale. There is no money refunds.
* All contracts sent with your puppy with the packet must be signed within 7 days of receiving your puppy for your warranty to be in effect. If your contract is not received within the 7 days the warranty is null and void.

  Eaglecross kennel will be glad to go over any and all terms apon request to insure full understanding of our terms and conditions. Feel free to ask us at anytime
                                         Thank you

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